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How to use Shopify Flow to Plant Trees

Shopify Flow allows you to automate tasks and processes within your store and across your apps. You can learn more about Shopify Flow itself here.

In this post, we will explain how you can use Shopify Flow and Sprout's Shopify App to automate tree planting for any trigger on Flow!

The first step to using Shopify flow is to choose what should lead to tree planting. The Sprout app, as you may know, allows you to plant a tree per order or per product purchased, but with Shopify Flow, you can plant trees for

Email Signups
New Customers created
Survey completions

The possibilities are endless! If there is a trigger in Flow, then you can plant a tree

Once you have chosen the purpose, simply create a workflow in Shopify flow and use the trigger and tie to Plant Tree Action from Sprout! We will share some examples below.

Example 1: Plant Trees for New Review

We will start with a workflow that plants a tree for any new review submitted.

Step by Step.

In Shopify Flow, set the trigger for a new review. (These screenshots use Air Review, but can be followed for any review app)

select trigger

Add Condition (if you want) - Condition can be that review has to be published before it can lead to tree planting. This step is optional. The conditions that are available vary from app to app. This screenshot is for Air Reviews.
Condition that review is published

Add Action - Plant Trees

Plant Trees Action

Turn on workflow! and you are done. Yay 🎉

Please note, some of the reviews app require you to enable Shopify Flow before you can use it. So check the integration section of your reviews app to see if you have to toggle Shopify Flow on.

Toggling on Shopify Flow

Ofcourse, if you need help, click on the chat bubble bottom right and we will help you get it set up!!

You can follow the same steps above but change the trigger to Customer Creation or Form submission or any other app. We will add more videos and images for more flows here! or ping us in the chat bubble and we can help you set one up!

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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