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How to add badges to Thank you and Order Status Page

This articles explains how you can add badges to Thank you and Order Status Page.

NOTE: In order to customize your Thank you and Order status page, you need to activate and publish your Thank you and Order status pages.
From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.
In the Configurations section, click Customize next to the checkout configuration that you want to customize.
When you’re ready to complete your upgrade, navigate to the Thank you or Order status page in the checkout and accounts editor using the page selector.


Thank You Page

From your theme editor, head over to the top dropdown tab and click on "Checkout and new customer accounts"

On the Check out page, you need to click on the top dropdown tab again and click on "Thank you"

Next step, head over to "sections" on the left hand side and Click "Add app block" then choose "Sprout Thank You Badge.

Voila! you should now see the Thank You Badge on your Thank you page. You also have the option to move this app block anywhere on the page.

Order Status Page

Now for the Order Status Page, head over again to the top dropdown and click on "Order status"

Click "Add app block" then choose "Sprout Order Status Badge.

You can also follow the same instructions on this video guide

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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