How to Hide Sprout Tree planting Product from showing in your store

This articles explains how you can hide the Sprout Product from showing up in your Product catalog or collections. As a reminder, this product appears when you enable the Customer Top up setting which allows customers to donate directly towards tree planting

First step in hiding the Sprout Tree planting product is to create a collection in your store’s backend and name it “all”

Moving to the Collection type, choose “Automated”

Next step is we need to set the right conditions for this collection page. Choose “Product vendor” “is not equal to” “Sprout - TheGoodAPI”

Then don’t forget to hit “Save” and you are all done! Sprout Tree planting Product is now completely hidden from your store’s frontend. :)

You can also follow the same instructions on this video guide here. Hope this helps!

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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